Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Cigarrest" from

"Cigarrest" from

Consumer: Smokers who wish to quit

The purpose of Cigarrest is to help smokers quit smoking.

Pros: Smoking cigarettes is an addiction. Smoking is an addiction that keeps smokers chained to their cravings and prevents them from living smoke free lives. The smoking addiction is not one that is very easy to kick. I’ve heard smokers say that it would be easier to give up eating than to give up smoking.

Cigarrest offers a free 30-day supply of their product. Included in the welcome package are 30-day supplies of chewable tablets, Cigarrest gum, and VitaGuard Smokers Vitamins; a Cigarrest program guide and exercise handbook; and a Cigarrest program audio CD.

The Cigarrest program addresses the entire cigarette addiction -- not just to the nicotine in the cigarettes, but to the entire physical process of lighting and smoking a cigarette.

Cons: There aren’t any cons associated with Cigarrest. It has been on the market for a long time and the site claims to have helped millions of people quit smoking.

Guarantee: There is a guarantee that reads in part, “You may return your remaining product for a refund less shipping and handling charges upon request for a refund and return of the product within 30 days of being charged.”

Value for money: Since price could not be determined, value cannot be determined. Although quitting smoking would be of value at any cost.


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