Friday, May 18, 2007

Chronic Alcohol Abuse

Chronic alcohol abuse, also known as alcoholism, is a condition wherein a person is physically dependent on the intake of alcohol. However, a person who abuses alcohol is not necessarily an alcoholic. Someone who abuses alcohol will from time to time drink excessively and this may result in that person being harmful towards others or negligent of responsibilities but, technically speaking, that person is not alcoholic unless he or she develops chronic alcohol abuse, where the person feels a strong and constant need to drink.

Chronic alcohol abuse, in other words, is an addiction. A person with this condition builds up tolerance to alcohol so the tendency is for them to drink even more. Just like in any substance addiction, when an alcoholic attempts to cut down his drinking the withdrawal symptoms kick in such as nausea, sweating, anxiety, and delirium.

Treatment of chronic alcohol abuse usually includes:

* Detoxification or the cleansing of the body of alcohol which, of course, requires that the person stops drinking. The process may take four days to a week. A person undergoing detoxification usually takes medication to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
* Prescribed drugs to help avoid a relapse after the person has successfully quit drinking. An example of these drugs is disulfiram”, which creates adverse physical reaction when alcohol is taken such as vomiting, headaches and nausea. Other prescribed drugs are “naltrexone” and “acamprosate”, which both suppress the craving to drink
* Counseling, which can be done individually or as part of a group. These sessions are designed to help recovering alcoholics determine first, which situations may trigger their desire to drink and secondly, how they can fight the urge in those situations. Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is the most well-known example of these programs for chronic alcohol abuse recovery.

How effective these methods are in treating chronic alcohol abuse depends upon the degree of addiction as well psychological and social factors. The person’s commitment to the treatment process is also vital. Studies show that more alcoholics who committed themselves to a 12-step recovery program were able to remain sober six months afterwards compared to those who did not join any support programs.

Research also shows that chronic alcohol abuse treatment is more effective if medication is combined with counseling or therapy than undergoing individual methods of treatments alone.
Unfortunately, chronic alcohol abuse cannot be permanently cured. People recovering from alcoholism must continually strive to avoid a relapse.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

How to be on Top of the Sales Ladder

The art of selling products and services to people has been around for ages. Until now, selling is one of the most lucrative professions ever created. However, the difference between before and now is the competition. Every year, competition has become even tougher and bolder. If you have been a salesperson for years and you see a decline in your performance, maybe it’s time for you to start anew with fresh and innovative tactics and give your old tactics an early retirement.

The business landscape and the market have changed tremendously. They developed new ways of reaching out to their customers. They even open up new markets to maximize the potential of their products and services. With the advancement of technology, selling has become more competitive for the suppliers and more convenient for the companies needing the products.

How do salespersons like you be on the top of this highly competitive age? Here’s how:

1. Customers have the habit of saying “NO”. Do not believe it the first time you hear it. You will be amazed at how fast they convert the “NOs” to a “YES.” If you remain calm and say the things you said better the next chance you get, there is a high possibility that the customer will say “yes”. In case you were not able to close the sale with your customer, do not lose hope. End in a good note and try calling again in a month or two, you might be amazed of her response to you. They may say yes the next time around when they have had time to consider your product. Companies are rarely impulsive. They need time to consider all possible angles before making a decision.

2. Nothing beats the original. Avoid copying other styles of selling just because you think it is cool and it might be worth a try. Fresh tactics attract more customers so be sure to develop your own brand of selling.

3. As a good salesperson, you should be able to express and explain the “what’s in it for me” line for your customer. They want to know how your product will benefit their company. Be sure that you know the benefits of your products and services by heart so you can explain it well to your customer. Concentrate more on your customer’s benefit rather than yours.

4. It is good to maintain your confidence in yourself and in your products. If you are confident in both, it shows in your expressions, words and actions. Your customers get a good impression. If you have a negative outlook, this easily reflects on your actions as well. This can influence the customer and nudge them towards deciding whether to buy from you or not.

5. The dream technique does wonders for sales people as well. Dream what you can become in the future. It will reflect on your outlook, goals and attitudes in life. It is a very good motivator.

6. In selling, never use scare tactics. It is best if you cultivate a great sense of humor because it will make your customers at ease with you. You will easily build rapport with them.

7. It is wiser for a salesperson to maintain a list of his former customers and track what happen to them. From time to time say hi and ask about the product you sold them and check if they are satisfied. This way you maintain a good relationship with your customers because you will never know when you may need them again for another selling. The next time you sell a new product to your customer, it would not be difficult to convince them again.

8. A good salesman is always on the look out for new markets and does not stop at the most comfortable market he knows. New markets are good fishing grounds for new customers.

9. Always have a ready compliment for your customers. Do not focus on their difficulty for you as clients but on things you can admire. Try to understand where they are coming from.

10. Customers always want to hear what’s new. You should always carry good news. Though you may have the same sales pitch over the years, try to reveal something new about your products and services and try to say the sale pitch in a refreshing way. Your customers may be looking at a chance to upgrade and if you do not respond quickly, other salespeople can take them away from you.

These are the top 10 give-away tips to remain on top of the ladder. Never forget them and you will have the chance to earn millions.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Computer Scrapbooking 101 Membership from Princess

Computer Scrapbooking 101 Membership from Princess - Consumer: Scrapbooking Enthusiasts

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop

The purpose of the How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop recordings is to

Pros: A scrapbook crop can be compared to an old fashioned quilting bee that our grandmothers and great grandmothers attended in days gone by....except that they are more extreme.

Susan Whitehead has recorded in great detail how to organize and execute a plan for a highly successful scrapbook crop. The information is directed toward those who are very serious about conducting profitable scrapbook crops and not toward those who simply want to get together with a few friends and exchange ideas.

The recording, How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop, details information concerning whether or not you should have vendors at your scrapbook crop and what kind of gift should be given to vendors. Other questions that are answered are what the best locations are and how to secure goodies to give away.

Cons: There are no apparent cons for the How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop recordings. This is an excellent product.

Guarantee: There is a guarantee of satisfaction given with the purchase of How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop. The guarantee affords the purchaser to get a full and unconditional refund of the purchase price for a full 8 weeks after the purchase is made.

Value for money: The How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop recording are well worth the price and when the free gifts that are included with a purchase are included, the value becomes excellent.