Friday, April 06, 2007

Berkshire Stress Management

Finding the best stress management program is a daunting task to do and perhaps another one stressful thing in the making. With the number of stress management workshops available for us to choose, nailing the right one that perfectly fits for our own needs is also one challenging act to do.

Among the many stress management programs available, Berkshire stress management is one of the most popular in the industry. It offers various programs for different groups of people. All the Berkshire stress management workshops are facilitated by one of the most renowned psychologists, Gill Smith. The 20-year extensive experience of Smith both in stress management and hypnotherapy makes her more qualified to handle problems in stress and how to cope with them.

Berkshire stress management is offering stress management training to corporate entities. One of which is the One-hour Stress Management Awareness for Managers. In this workshop it only caters to a maximum of 20 persons per session. Managers will be trained on how to better understand the sources of stress and its varied types. Techniques on how to deal with its effects as well as the techniques of controlling them are also part of the training module. With the demands that managers are constantly confronted with in the workplace, this stress management training is an added learning experience in properly and scientifically dealing with stress.

Another Berkshire stress management training module is the Two-hour Stress Management Workshop. Each session will only have 15 participants making each training session intimate and personalized. Theories and best practices on how to manage stress are taking much of the chunk of the training. Participants will be made to understand and analyze their own sources of stress as well as their own reaction to certain stressful situations.

Berkshire stress management is also offering longer stress management training sessions. It has stress management training for one day specially catered for organizations. For every session there are only a maximum of 15 participants. This whole day activity will not only focus on sources and coping mechanisms of stress but also other concerns such as the legal and financial concerns. Risk assessment planning is also given importance.

Berkshire stress management is also offering stress management training for individuals. Each session can be done either one-whole day or two half-days. It also serves to walk-in clients in a one-to-one basis. Another interesting aspect of Berkshire stress management is the hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is one of the safest techniques being performed in their own clinic.
Stress management is truly one of the most selling staple products for people who are always on the go and living in the competitive world.

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