Sunday, March 11, 2007

Developing Your Persuasion Skills

There are people who never cease to amaze us. They have charisma that makes you believe just about whatever they say. These people have learned the art of persuasion. This skill is something that you definitely want to have yourself.

Persuasive skills are important for an individual who wants to aim for self-improvement. This is a skill that can definitely improve the way you relate to other people. This can even come more handy to people engaged in the field of sales or public relations.

Most people think attending personality development classes to make the change they want. That may work for some, but the important thing is you decide right here and now you will make the definite change.

The best thing to do is to develop your persuasion skills now!

Effective Ways to Develop Your Persuasion Skills

Consider these techniques in becoming more persuasive and you will surely go at great lengths.

Most of these utilize neuro-linguistic programming or NLP methods. This are words and methods that appeal to your audience’s visual, aural and kinesthetic senses.

1. Motivation Words
Use words that motivate people as you talk to them. Words such as “do this” or “you can” are helpful in convincing your listener’s mind. This has a subliminal effect in their minds. You can also maximize the words “today” and “now” in your sentences because these words suggest urgency to your listener; encouraging action.

2. Use Their Words
As you talk with your listener, you become familiar with the words they use. Once you learn your listener’s style, make sure you imitate it as you talk back. They may not notice it but it will make them identify themselves with you.

For example, a group of people may use the word “appropriate” instead of simply “proper.” Speak their language by using the word “appropriate” in your next sentences and you will see that persuasion comes easier.

3. Address the Person by the Name
Call a person by his or her name and you definitely have persuasion at work. Many salespeople are aware of this technique. However, it is best to use this with caution. It is not a matter of inserting the name at every chance possible. You have to know when to use it to get your desired outcome. Some people use this technique to drive a point. Some use their audience’s name in times that they want to get their attention. You have to know the right time to say it. It is best to wait for a time when you already develop rapport with the other party .

You may also ask new acquaintances how they would like to be called, especially if you are unsure. This immediately puts them at ease. Avoid also giving labels or nicknames to people you barely know.

4. Be Flexible
If you want to be effective in persuading people, you also need to change your language to adapt it your audience. You may have to accelerate or slow down the way you talk just the way the other person does. You can also study their facial expressions copy them while speaking with the other person. This makes them believe you are agreeing to their ideas or you are on the same side

This is what they call the mirroring technique. This aids in establishing a good rapport with people you just met. It helps in making the people relate with you and believe that a there is a connection between the two of you.

5. Believe in What You Say
Of course, the best way to persuade other people is knowing and believing what you say or stand for. The best way to improve your persuasive skills is knowing that you have something good in you that you can share to others.


Some people are gifted with persuasive skills, but this does not mean you will have a difficult time for yourself. Study and practice the techniques above and you will see how well you have improved and make others follow you.

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